Our House rules

0-5 year under supervision 

Don’t bring your own food

Alcohol not allowed

Please don’t smoke

Our House rules

1. Children under 5 years of age only have access under the supervision of a parent
and / or supervisor.
2. All our attractions meet the legal requirements, but their us is entirely at your own
3. For the use of each attraction one must read and comply with the instruction
regulations that are indicated on the board.
4. Instructions from staff must be followed.
5. Dogs are allowed, provided they are short-lined and do not lead to nuisance.
6. Own brought food and drinks are not allowed. This should take place in the park on
the picnic benches intended for this purpose.
7. The visitors are responsible for their own personal belongings. The management is
not liable for loss, damage or theft of / or your personal belongings.
8. The use of alcoholic beverages is not permitted.
9. The use of soft and / or hard drugs is not permitted.
10. Please place waste in the designated bins.
11. In and around the Playground, video and video recordings are made for your and our
12. In the event of theft or any other criminal offense, a declaration will always be made.
13. Verbal or physical violence and (un) desired intimacies are not permitted
14. Anyone who repeatedly fails to comply with the rules and / or causes inconvenience
can be refused access to the playground.
15. If you fail to comply with one of the above house rules, you can be removed.